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That Nerd, Proud Gamer, Friend.

Paito is a founding member of "TheFinalBosses". Growing up, Paito had first-hand experiences of the severe problems that many people around the world are facing. 

Always caught up in the definition of normal whilst trying to rid the abnormal.

The Protagonist

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That Jock, Firm Up-stander, Friend.

Lusus, same age as Paito, grew up together in the same town. Though within close proximity, they had very different lives. ​

An upstander in a world where upstanders are as scarce as hen's teeth.

Lusus Naturae

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Created by Paito & Lusus.

The camaraderie between Paito and Lusus. A symbol of friendship and heroism, a reminder of how problems can manifest, even at a young age.

Magnum Opus

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