Easter Egg challenges will be introduced with every release of new episodes and players can participate in these challenges by simply registering an account with and following us at @thefinalbosses on Instagram.

Upon successful registration, players are automatically granted access to the "GAME ON" page where they can find the instructions to these challenges.

On Easter Egg opening day, Challenge 1 will be accessible to all players through the "GAME ON" page. Players must complete the current challenge to unlock the next challenge.

The Easter Egg challenge has no time limit and will be kept LIVE until 5 players complete ALL challenges. Players must follow the instructions given to get the chance to be crowned The Final Boss.


Episode One Easter Egg challenge will officially begin on

27 Nov 2020, 09:00AM Eastern Time (GMT-5).

Spread the word and get more friends to participate.

The top 3 finishers will be rewarded with a special prize.

The top 5 finishers will go down in TheFinalBosses leaderboard history forever!

Remember, the whole point of this Easter Egg Challenge is to spread love and grow a community filled with warmth and compassion. These challenges were made to be difficult to solve alone and getting to know people from different backgrounds will help. Good Luck.

Reveal the Champions of Episode One