Episode One Series

Paisus Grown-Up NFTs Avatars

Created by bestfriends of over 30 years, they overcame numerous social issues together and plan to use THEFINALBOSSES (TFB) as a platform to share their experiences.

"2-friends, 1-community dream, 0-social issues".

Welcome to THEFINALBOSSESCLUB™️, your wish to take down the Final Boss has been granted.

THEFINALBOSSES (TFB) is planning to drop our first NFT collection, Paisus Grown-Up, in parallel with our designer toy release. Paisus Grown-Up consists of uniquely generated avatars and each trait is exclusively designed by the founders of TFB, comprising of character classes and other elements, some of which are much rarer than the others. No two NFTs are exactly alike. We are huge fans of pop-culture and classic video games, be sure to find these elements incorporated within the NFTs.

Paisus Grown-Up NFT series follow the exciting backstories of our characters, Paito, Lusus and Paisus. The story can be found on our Discord Channel. Paisus Grown-Up NFTs will be made available to be officially owned by any individual. Our goal is to join forces with the different classes and take down “The Final Boss”.

TFB creates limited edition designer collectibles, both physically and virtually. Each of these collectibles are designed to raise awareness on prevailing social problems around the world.


Road Map

Unite and Conquer

Our plans to defeat The Final Bosses will be uncovered in a series of road maps. Together with our fellow bosses, we will take them down one-by-one.

1. Paisus Grown-Up holders will be eligible for future airdrops and whitelists spots for upcoming projects.

2. Every #before1k member in Discord that owns a Paisus Grown-Up will receive a random exclusive signed 7" limited edition designer collectible.

3. As a Paisus Grown-Up holder, you will be granted access to a full-fledged digital package of your Paisus avatars, for use on any social media platforms of your choice.

4. Holding a Paisus Grown-Up grants you access to our private THEFINALBOSSESVIPCLUB™️, TFBVC. Members will receive huge perks and advantages to limited edition merchandises and collectibles.

5. Random Paisus Grown-Up holders will have a physical version of the NFT printed and exhibited in future exhibitions. Physical copies will be signed by the founders and proper credits will be made to the owners. All sales made from the physical copy goes to the owner and will not be printed again.

6a. Road Map Phase 2, Metaverse-ready avatar expansion and beyond.

6b. Land investment for the community via The Sandbox Game. We strongly believe that The Sandbox virtual world can provide wonderful opportunities for our players to own, build, and monetize their gaming experience within the Ethereum blockchain. This land will be dedicated to our community where Paisus Grown-Up holders will be able to participate in Easter Egg Challenges, and host meet-ups, community gatherings, virtual shows, events and parties.

A more detailed roadmap will be shared very soon

Road Map.png
Road Map 2 2 2.png

25% THEFINALBOSSES Paisus Grown-Up Bonus NFT.

As a Paisus Grown-Up holder, you will be awarded an additional exclusive NFT from the Paisus Grown-Up Bonus Collection.

Road Map 2 2.png

50% THEFINALBOSSES 7" Limited Edition Designer Toy Giveaway.

All Paisus Grown-Up holders will be rewarded with an exclusive signed 7" limited edition designer collectible.

Road Map 2.png

75% Virtual Sharing Session With The Founders THEFINALBOSSES.

Sharing session will be exclusively reserved for all holders of Paisus Grown-Up NFTs. Participants will be able to contribute ideas and attain a one-off design to the NFT series.

Road Map 2 2 2 2.png

100% THEFINALBOSSES Paisus Grown-Up Metaverse Preparation.

The adventure towards the Metaverse begins...

*Roadmap is subjected to changes and improvements prior to launch day.

Paisus Grown-Up Attributes

Paisus Grown-Ups

Each Paisus Grown-Up NFT consist of a various number of attributes and each attribute has a vast selection of traits. No two Grown-Up NFTs are alike and some are notably rarer than the others.



Frequently Asked Questions

THEFINALBOSSES are creators of limited edition designer toys, designed to raise awareness on prevailing social problems around the world. TFB will be dropping their first NFT collection in parallel with our designer toy release, labelled Paisus Grown-Up.

Why are we called THEFINALBOSSES?
The name "THEFINALBOSSES" came about because overcoming these social problems is very similar to battling the final boss of a video game, it is usually not easy, takes a lot of time, and requires multiple tries.

Who designs the Art pieces?
THEFINALBOSSES is founded by two close friends of over 30 years and the NFT art pieces are designed by the two-men team. Each trait is digitally drawn by hand. We love Easter eggs, perhaps you may find Easter eggs in some?

When is the first drop going live?
The first drop of THEFINALBOSSES Paisus Grown-up collection is planned to be released by the end of the year/early next year.

How do I join the THEFINALBOSSESCLUB community?

Our community is located mainly on our Discord Channel and Twitter.

How do I get a THEFINALBOSSES Avatar?
We plan to release the collection on OpenSea or Terra.

What is the Paisus #Squidgame collection?
Paisus #Squidgame is an exclusive collection to kickstart the official release of the Paisus Grown-up collection. The collection consists of Paisus in the Squidgame clothes traits.

What do I gain from owning a Paisus #Squidgame NFT?
By owning a Paisus #Squidgame avatar, you will be able to participate in the upcoming Squidgame contest where you will be able to win an exclusive prize.

How do I own a Paisus #Squidgame NFT?
There will be a series of airdrop announcements via Twitter and Discord.

How much will it cost to mint a Paisus Grown-Up NFT?
Minting an NFT will cost approximately US$150-200.