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We ship our products from our local warehouse located in the tiny red dot, Singapore, and our secondary warehouse in China. Consumers should bear all shipping costs.

Taxes and Duties

There will not be any taxes and duties for local shipping within Singapore. For bosses located outside of Singapore, taxes and duties may apply upon delivery of your order, depending on your country's practice. Fret not, taxes and duties are typically not steep for such products.

Refunds and exchange

In the event that the order is different from what you have purchased, or the product is damaged, you are eligible for a refund/exchange.  Upon receiving your product, you will be granted 14 days to refund or exchange by sending the products back to us.

*It is important that the product must be returned in the original package*

Deserted and denied orders

In the event that the additional shipping charges are not fully paid for, leading to the denied delivery of the products, the cost of shipping and customs duties will be subtracted from the original price. The subsequent amount will be refunded once we have the products back in our custody.

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