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TheFinalBosses creates limited edition designer toys, designed to raise awareness on prevailing social problems around the world. The name "TheFinalBosses" came about because overcoming these social problems is very similar to battling the final boss of a game, it is usually not easy, takes a lot of time, and requires multiple tries.



TheFinalBosses successfully launched their first designer toy exhibition, PALADIN at Gillman Barracks, in partnership with Art Outreach Singapore that ran from 11 to 27 June 2021.

Influenced by the Paladin’s principle to protect the innocent and uphold the law, PALADIN by TheFinalBosses aims to use art pieces as an avenue to shed light on the topic of Bullying, #designedforapurpose.

PALADIN is an exhibition that features original limited-edition designer toys from TheFinalBosses and 20 international and local partner artists.

With the upsurge of interest for designer toys and resurgence of figurative art, PALADIN emerges as an opportune showcase of artists coming together, weaving their narratives through their art, and translating their thoughts and lived experiences onto the toys and art pieces.


The Protagonist

Paito represents the majority of the people who have experiences with social issues. Growing up, Paito had first-hand experiences of the severe problems people around the world are facing and intends to share his personal experiences of these problems through each episode. Episode 1, Paladin, talks about bullying.


The Upstander

Lusus represents the minority of the people who actively stand up for those in need. Growing up, Lusus is well known for being rational and upholding justice, earning the moniker "Upstander".


The Symbol

A symbol of friendship, forged in the fire of adversity. Paisus is used as a medium to converge art and collectible to raise awareness on prevailing social problems.

Wearing a hybrid helmet, Paisus exudes energy from both Paito and Lusus. ​​ The diaper on Paisus illustrates how everyday problems can manifest from a young age and should never be taken too lightly.

The bear claw is a symbol of strength and represents how one should stand firm against any wrongdoings and face them with courage.

Paisus is designed with influential hashtag eyes to spread positivity around the world.

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